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CS50 AP Puyo Fair

A technological event from Puyo with love

In January 2018, most of my students had no prior programming experience. By June, they were able to think computationally and write small programs to solve their problems. They had two weeks to work on their final projects which were presented in the CS50 AP Puyo Fair.

Organizing this event meant looking for sponsors, buying decorations, sending invitations to local authorities, and announcing the event on social media. Eco Amazónico, a local news outlet, promoted the event in a live interview broadcast through Facebook. My students were entirely responsible for the decoration and logistics, and we worked until very late the day before the presentation to make sure the event was a hit.

CS50 AP Puyo Crew
Left to right: Daniel, Edwin, Sebas, Chris, Miguel, Thaily, Yadi, Nay, and Dayra.

We had two presentations that day. Our first presentation started at 8 am which was attended by junior students, while the second presentation was attended by senior students. We had the pleasure of having the mayor of the city, Roberto De La Torre, among other local authorities. Seeing high school and local authorities in attendance made my students more nervous than they already were, but I told them that they had been very diligent during the whole course so that they just had to explain what they did to all the people in front of them.

People attending CS50 Fair Puyo
Junior and senior students attended this event.

We had full a house in both of our presentations (see above). I was so proud to see my students explaining their projects and sharing their experiences with friends and acquaintances. Most people were impressed with the projects my students did, and we encouraged some people to try them. People were delighted when I played the videos that David Malan sent us greeting people from Puyo and congratulating my students for completing the course.

David Malan greeting people from Puyo

David Malan congratulating my students for completing the course

After we finished the presentations, we took some photos, cleaned up the place, and went to celebrate eating a traditional dish from Puyo called "Volquetero". I was so happy that everything went well, and I told my students that they must never forget that experience because they showed to a myriad of people that anybody can do great things with hard-work and persistence.

Responsive image
At the entrance of the event which was open to the public.
Left to right: Dayra, Yadi, Daniel, Chris, Miguel (holding a rubber ducky), Sebas, Thaily, Edwin, and Nay.

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