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CS50 Puzzle Day

Solving problems as a team

I always wanted to participate in the CS50 puzzle day organized by Harvard's CS50 team, but in the previous years, I was not able to do it. In addition, I wanted to do it with a team not alone. However, this year was different because when I told my students about it, they were eager and excited to participate.

Picture of the team on the Puzzle Day.
Getting together very early to start solving the puzzles.
Left to right: Chris, Nay, Daniel, Miguel, Yadi, Edwin, and Sebas.

We got together around 9.00 AM at my grandpa's house since he lives in downtown, and it was easy for everybody to reach this place. I asked my students to bring the puzzles printed, so we could distribute them among the team.

The team trying to figure out the puzzles.
We divided the puzzles among the team.
Left to right: Daniel, Yadi, Chris, Edwin, Sebas, and Nay.

My friend Sika also joined our team, but she was helping us remotely from Quito. The CS50 Puzzle Day was one of the most enriching experiences for us because we were not only solving the puzzles as a team, but also sharing some personal stories. Furthermore, it was so satisfying every time that somebody was able to figure out a puzzle.

We spent approximately 5 hours trying to solve the puzzles, but we were able to solve just 5 puzzles of 8. We decided to eat something, and my students suggested eating instant noodles to do it fast, so we could keep working on the puzzles.

The team eating some instant noodles.
Eating some instant noodles.
Left to right: Yadi, Chris, Sebas, Daniel, Edwin and Nay.

We kept solving the three remaining puzzles until 8 p.m., but we could only solve one more. We were not able to solve all of them that day, so we agreed to take a break and to keep trying the next day remotely.

The next day, we provided ideas to figure out the two remaining puzzles using Slack. We tried multiple alternatives, and the effort paid off because just after lunch we were able to find the solution for the seventh puzzle. Finally, even though it was very hard to believe at first, around 7 p.m we found the solution for the last puzzle.

We were one of the winning teams of the CS50 Puzzle Day 2018. In addition, we received a certificate saying that we accomplished this goal. This is a link to one of the certificates that we obtained.