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First Day of Classes

Welcome to CS50 AP Puyo

After almost a month since the results were announced, the first day of classes arrived. We started the class at 3 pm, and I saw lots of excitement in my eight students. I have to confess that I was also thrilled.

I began the class by saying "This is CS50", as David J. Malan does in Harvard, and I clarified that we were not going to follow the exact syllabus of the official course but a modified version using Python as programming language.

I basically repeated Lecture 0 of Harvard's CS50, but I have to recognize that I am not as outstanding as David Malan is because I was constantly checking my outline to see what was coming next. Nevertheless, I can say that my students enjoyed the class since they laughed a lot and never got bored.

A tradition of CS50 is to have some cake once the class is over, but we did not have cake. However, I told my students that the company that I was working for had sponsored us to have some pizza days.