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Interview with Ned Batchelder

A Python software developer expert

In February 2018, I went to the United States for the first time ever in my life, and I was able to attend a MeetUp at Boston that I always wanted to attend. It is called The Boston Python User Group, and it is organized by a widely known Python developer called Ned Batchelder. I had the pleasure of meeting him there, and I told him about my experience of teaching Python to teenagers. In addition, I asked him if one day we could have an interview with my students, and I was surprised that Ned, even though he is a busy person, accepted it.

Image at the Python Boston Group meetup
Left to right: Miguel, Ned, and Sika at the Python Boston Group's event.

Back in Ecuador, I told my students that Ned had agreed to have an interview with us, and I suggested them to ask him any questions they might have because he has a vast experience in software development, and he is also a Python expert.

My students got used to having interviews with other software developers. Because one of the goals of my course was to promote gender equality, I interviewed both male and female developers that I had met previously. We had interviews with some people who were my bosses or supervisors in tech companies where I worked, and we also had interviews with some co-workers that I respect and admire. However, we never had the opportunity to talk directly with such a software guru as Ned.

Image of interview with Ned
Interview with Ned who was in Boston at the edX's headquarters, while we were in our class in Puyo.

The day of the interview, we were all very excited, and when we saw him on the screen, the magic started. Ned told us about his experience, and how he ended up becoming a software developer. He also told us that he enjoys a lot working with Python and that he has been working with that language since the late 90s.

Ned was very kind, and he gave us a tour through the edX's headquarters. He showed us his office and the places around, and he also showed us a fantastic view of Cambridge from the office. Ned recommended us that if we want to get good at something, we have to choose that something, and start working in a project that is related to it because this is the most effective way of learning.

Image of students attending the interview with Ned
My students pondering about the stuff Ned told us.

My students had some questions for Ned, and he answered all of them. Before the interview was over, we thanked him, and after that, we were discussing the advice we received before continuing with our programming class.