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Meeting David Malan

Leaving a footprint at the CS50's headquarters

I tried to contact people from CS50 in order to ask for advice to teach programming. One guy called Greg Mittleider replied to one of my emails, and we started a conversation. Greg provided lots of valuable information to complement the program I was teaching.

I had the opportunity to visit Boston with my best friend Sika at the beginning of February, and Greg gave us a tour at the headquarters of CS50. I still don't have the words to describe how happy I was that day.

CS50 Entrance
CS50 letters at the entrace of the CS5O's headquarters

I never expected to meet the well-known Harvard's professor David J. Malan, and when I saw him... I thought that I was in a dream about to wake up. Meeting David Malan was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in my life, and I feel very lucky that such a busy professor was available that day.

Miguel, Sika and David Malan
Left to right: Miguel, Sika, David Malan.

Even though the time we share was fleeting, I felt as every second was magical. David Malan gave us some souvenirs like a rubber ducky and the "I took CS50" t-shirt. David had to go back to work, and Greg took us to a room in which they have a map of the Earth with flags of every place in which people were learning how to code using CS50 or any variation of the course. I made sure to place a flag where Puyo is located.

Map of CS50 in the world
Map of places in which CS50 is being taught, and Puyo is there.

Last but not least, David Malan told us that we could use Lego pieces to leave a memory on the Lego Wall that they have in their headquarters. At first, I had no idea what to draw, but suddenly, I decided to leave the phone code of Ecuador using colors of the Ecuadorian flag.

LEGO wall in CS50's headquarters
Lego Wall at the CS50's headquarters, and 593 representing Ecuador.

I want to sincerely thank David Malan, the CS50 team, and especially Greg for making this experience possible. Taking CS50 changed my life because it was the motivation to start a career in the software industry.