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Personal Interview

Knowing the candidates deeper

Eighteen students were notified that they passed to the second phase of the selection process. In addition, they were asked to complete a personality test based on Jung's and Briggs Myers' typology. The interviews were randomly scheduled, and to avoid any applicant having more advantage than the others, I sent them six of the ten questions of the interview . The other four questions, that they did not know in advance, were selected randomly from a list of 28 questions.

The interviews started on November 21st and they ended on November 24th, 2017. Each interview took 25 minutes on average. The personality test they previously took was helpful because I knew if the student was either extrovert or introvert, and I also knew some traits that they might have.

I conducted 4 or 5 interviews per day, and I recorded every single interview. I tried to push the candidates to their limits because the course was not going to be easy. Furthermore, I knew the selected students were going to be discouraged more than once, so I was looking for a clear signal that they were people who love challenges, and I also wanted people who were going to support and help others.