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Pizza Days

An opportunity to connect deeper with our team

We had our first pizza day on January 26, 2018. The pizza days were the time we had to talk about stuff that was not related to the course. I wanted to gain the trust of my students, so I encouraged them to share some personal stories if they wanted to.

First Pizza Day Photo

On pizza days, we used to talk about the issues they were facing as teenagers. I realized that being a teenager nowadays is more difficult than it was at the time I was a teen. A teenager is just a soul full of doubts and questions, and he has the need to satisfy society. However, nowadays teenagers also have to satisfy social media.

Second Pizza Day

Sometimes they used to talk about their future goals. Some of them wanted to study engineering, while others wanted to become lawyers or medical doctors. I clearly stated that they could count on me and that I will be pleased to help them to reach their goals.

Fifth Pizza Day

I know the pizza days will remain as unforgettable memories for all of us, and they also allowed us to build our friendship.