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Selection Process Results

Preparing and analyzing data

When the personal interview phase was completed, I thoroughly listened to each of the interviews once again in order to find qualities such as perseverance, patience, curiosity, creativity, organization, dedication, and honesty. I also used as a guide the results of the online personality tests to corroborate the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type. In order to avoid being biased, I asked some friends of mine to listen to the interviews and provide some feedback, so I could have different outlooks of each applicant.

I designed an algorithm which consisted of giving a weight of 60% to the technical test, 35% to the personal interview, and 5% to personal traits I perceived in each applicant. In addition, because I wanted to promote gender equality, there was a condition to select 4 male and 4 female candidates.

One of my closest friends, Nanci Abarca, was in charge of processing all data, implementing the algorithm, and providing the results. She developed a jupyter notebook which contains information about the selection process. These results were notified to the authorities at San Vicente Ferrer High School to make them aware of the low performance in math.

These are the students who were selected to take CS50 AP Puyo. They have been listed alphabetically by their names:

  • Christian Santamaría
  • Daniel Velin
  • Dayra Yasacama
  • Edwin León
  • Naydelin Pérez
  • Sebastián Illicachi
  • Thaily Ribadeneira
  • Yadira De La Torre
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Top: Yadira, Sebastian, Thaily, Christian.
Buttom Daniel, Naydelin, Edwin, and Dayra.