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CS50 AP Puyo

Learning to code in the Ecuadorian Amazon region

I took CS50 through edX in 2014, and this course changed my life. Even though I didn't study computer science or software engineering, with the knowledge I got in CS50, I was able to participate in a national programming contest in which I was awarded fourth place. Thanks to CS50, nowadays I work remotely as a software developer from my hometown called Puyo.

I wanted other people to experience CS50, so I decided to teach coding skills to high school students. At the end of the summer of 2017, I talked with some former high school teachers of mine, and they were excited that students from San Vicente Ferrer High School could take a course that is taught at Harvard University.

A former teacher of mine called Silvia Moya, who is currently the vice principal, helped me to talk about this project with Daniel Zúñiga, the current principal. Fortunately, he agreed I teach programming as an extracurricular activity, and he also allowed me to use the high school facilities.

I got the approval to teach this course, but I had no idea what else to do. I had a big deal of ideas in my mind, but none of them were clear, so I started talking with some of my closest friends to clarify my thoughts.